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Condenser/Evaporator/Radiator industry


Leakage detection accuracy:

refrigerant 1g/y~10g/y, i.e.5.0E-7~5.0E-6Pa.m3/s;

Helium filling pressure: 0~3.0MPa;
Detection rhythm: 30s~60s/piece;
Detection method: Check the overall leakage rate and also assist in finding leakage points;
Level 3 leakage detection: major leakage detection, medium leakage detection, and minor leakage detection;
Structural style: duck billed/flip over/inclined sliding door;
Security protection:

grating protection, action interlocking, hierarchical password, sound and light alarm;

Economy: Helium recovery and recycling, low maintenance cost;
Automation: PLC control, touch screen operation, automatic evacuation, detection, and helium recovery;
Intelligent: remote monitoring, automatic data storage, communication with MES or databases.
Applicability: non-standard customized solutions to meet customer needs.