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What is the leak rate for helium leak test?


The leak rate for a helium leak test refers to the rate at which helium gas escapes from a system or object being tested. It is typically measured in units such as milliliters per second (ml/s) or cubic centimeters per minute (cc/min).

helium mass spectrometer leak detector

The specific leak rate required for a helium leak test depends on the application and the sensitivity of the testing equipment. In some industries, such as aerospace or semiconductor manufacturing, extremely low leak rates on the order of 10^-9 to 10^-12 cc/s may be required to ensure the integrity of the system.


Helium leak tests are commonly used for detecting and locating leaks in various types of systems, including vacuum chambers, pipelines, refrigeration systems, and sealed components. The test involves pressurizing the system with helium gas and using a helium leak detector to identify any helium that escapes.


It’s important to note that the leak rate requirements and testing procedures can vary depending on the specific industry standards, regulations, and the sensitivity of the equipment being used. Consulting the appropriate standards or working with a qualified testing professional can help ensure accurate and reliable helium leak testing.