Helium mass spectrometer leak DX200

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The helium mass spectrometer leak detector is an instrument that can quickly locate and quantitatively measure the leakage of sealed containers. Compared with bubble identification method, pressure attenuation method and halogen leak detection method, helium mass spectrometer leak detection method has high detection sensitivity, fast speed and wide application range. In addition, helium mass spectrometer leak detector selects non-toxic, non-destructive and light inert gas helium as the exploration gas, so it is safe and reliable




This instrument is a mass spectrometry leak detection instrument that uses helium gas as a leak indicator gas for leak detection. It can be tested in two modes: positive pressure suction method and negative pressure vacuum method. It is widely used in scientific research, vacuum, refrigeration, automotive, power, pressure vessels, aerospace and other industries, and has the characteristics of fast response speed, high sensitivity, easy use, and less maintenance.







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