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DX320 leak detector is a fully automatic portable helium mass spectrometer leak detector with small size, which is suitable for precise, fast and portable vacuum industry and scientific research institutes. The principle of helium mass spectrometry and reverse diffusion, 180 ° non-uniform magnetic field and fully automatic control technology are used to realize automatic helium peak scanning, automatic calibration and automatic range switching. It is portable, fast start, fast operation, high sensitivity, and accurate and fast.


    Function description and advantages

      The unique gas circuit design improves the pumping speed of helium, shortens the time of clearing helium background, and effectively prevents helium pollution.

The leak detection port is equipped with a customized precision filtering device, which can effectively prevent foreign particles or copper powder from entering the instrument.

Multi-mode function input and output, easy to connect various automation equipment.

The mechanism and circuit are effectively separated to avoid mutual interference of temperature and electromagnetic field, so that the leakage detector operates more stable and reliable.

The minimum detectable leakage rate is low, the sensitivity is high, and the detection range reaches level 11.

      Convenient operation

       Stripping metal button, one-click automatic emptying.

       Hand-held remote control unit, up to 150 meters remote detection.

       Ram wifi connection, noi tech app, remote control. 

       Automatic zero-adjusting, automatic range switching.

      The custom software of the leak detector can be compiled according to the customer's request.

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