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Revolutionizing Leak Detection with DAXIN Compressors Helium Leak Detection System


In the realm of industrial equipment and precision engineering, the quest for efficiency, accuracy, and reliability reigns supreme. Enter the DAXIN Compressors Helium Leak Detection System, an advanced solution designed to elevate leak detection processes to new heights. With a focus on precision, performance, and innovation, this system sets a new standard in detecting and addressing leaks with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency.



 Unveiling the DAXIN Compressors Helium Leak Detection System


At the heart of the DAXIN Compressors Helium Leak Detection System lies a commitment to excellence in leak detection accuracy. With a detection range spanning from 1g/y to 14g/y of refrigerant, equivalent to 5.0E-7 to 7.0E-6 Pa.m3/s, this system ensures meticulous scrutiny and identification of even the minutest leaks. By leveraging helium as a tracer gas, the system offers a sensitive and reliable method for pinpointing leaks with exceptional precision.


 Empowering Efficiency and Precision


The DAXIN system operates within a helium filling pressure range of 0 to 2.5 MPa, providing optimal conditions for leak detection across various applications. With a detection rhythm ranging from 30 to 180 seconds per piece, the system combines speed and thoroughness to deliver swift and comprehensive leak detection results. Its multifaceted approach includes overall leakage rate assessment and targeted identification of specific leakage points, ensuring a thorough and detailed inspection process.


 Advanced Features and Functionality


The DAXIN Compressors Helium Leak Detection System offers a range of advanced features and parameters that elevate its performance and usability:


– Level 3 Leakage Detection: The system categorizes leaks into major, medium, and minor levels, enabling precise identification and prioritization of leakage issues.

– Structural Versatility: Available in bell type and sliding door type configurations, the system accommodates diverse operational requirements and space constraints.

– Enhanced Security Measures: Incorporating grating protection, action interlocking, hierarchical password systems, and sound and light alarms, the system ensures operational safety and security.

– Economic Efficiency: With helium recovery and recycling capabilities, the system minimizes operational costs and promotes sustainability through reduced helium consumption.

– Automation and Intelligence: Featuring PLC control, touch screen operation, automatic evacuation, detection, and helium recovery, the system streamlines operations and enhances efficiency. Additionally, remote monitoring, automatic data storage, and seamless communication with MES or databases enable intelligent and data-driven leak detection processes.

– Tailored Solutions: The system offers non-standard customized solutions to meet specific customer needs, providing flexibility and adaptability in diverse industrial settings.



 Embracing a New Era of Leak Detection


In conclusion, the DAXIN Compressors Helium Leak Detection System represents a paradigm shift in leak detection technology, offering a comprehensive, efficient, and intelligent solution for industrial applications. By combining precision, automation, and advanced functionality, this system empowers industries to enhance operational efficiency, ensure product quality, and uphold safety standards with unparalleled accuracy and reliability. As organizations navigate the demands of modern manufacturing and production processes, the DAXIN system stands as a beacon of innovation, ushering in a new era of excellence in leak detection and industrial maintenance.